Ethiopian Geshe

Single Farmer Estate : Kossa Geshe

Cupping Notes: Blueberry, Jasmine, Floral, Fruity

Light Roast. 

This is incredible, high-grade, specialty coffee that we are so excited about! If you like Chemex, v60 or naturally fruity and floral coffee, you will love this coffee. 

This comes from the Abdul family in Kossa Geshe. Kossa Geshe is located in Western Ethiopia’s Limmu Kossa District, in the highlands of the Kebena Forest.

Cherries are collected from across 2 zones (Abukado and Botto) on estate, then further separated into 3-4 lots per zone based on harvest collection time. Cherries are dried on tarps with close monitoring by staff. Abdulwahid is slowly expanding raised beds, thus a small portion is currently dried on raised beds.

12 oz
4 0z


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