Yunnan White Tiger

Single OriginYunnan Baihu Mountain

Cupping Notes: Raisin, Lemon Black Tea and Vanilla  

Medium Roast 

Our single origin White Tiger comes from Baihu (Mandarin for white tiger) Mountain in the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas.

When we say, we "travel mountain roads, make friends with incredible farmers and bring back unique specialty grade coffee" this coffee is on our minds! 

This high-altitude, micro lot coffee was among the very first the Awake team direct sourced from local farming friends. We drove 5 hours up into the mountains, along windy rocky roads to meet farmer Li at his farm along the border of Myanmar. Years later, we are still blown away by his hand-picked coffee, and we can't wait to share it with you!

With the full body of an Asian coffee like Sumatra, and fruity notes like coffee from Columbia, this Yunnan coffee makes for a great morning cup!

Smallholders are common in Yunnan. Many of them growing on terraced farm plots because of the steep slopes. They supply red cherries to each collector’s washing station, where the coffee is floated, washed and dried. Each level of processing is separated out by quality levels to achieve a high level of consistency in the final export product.

Yunnan has been growing coffee for over 100 years, with the rise of its journey producing specialty coffee starting six years ago. Ethnic minority groups live in the mountainous coffee producing regions and are the main force contributing to both the cultivation and production of coffee.

Espresso 12 oz
Espresso 2 lbs
Espresso 5 lbs
4 Oz


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