Endeavor With Us To Reach The Frontiers Of The Coffee World

When you purchase Awake Coffee, you are getting a specialty cup of quality, fresh roasted frontier beans, but more importantly you are investing into the hearts and lives of precious people around the globe.

About Our Coffee

We endeavor to travel winding mountain roads, make friends with incredible farmers, and bring back unique, specialty-grade coffee. Coffee is the world's second most traded commodity, and we believe it should be sourced with integrity, excellence, and transparency. Through direct sourcing our beans from these villages, we can ensure integrity and transparency from seed to cup. We will always prioritize the incredible renewable relationships this endeavor enables us to initiate. And while it's about more than coffee for us, we sincerely believe this will be the best cup of coffee you've ever had. Thank you for endeavoring with us to reach the frontier of the coffee world!
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Yunnan Coffee

The Yunnan coffee story originated in the late 19th century after French missionary Alfred Lietard brought plants with him. He originally did this as a desire for a personal cup for himself. He planted the first Arabica beans in the valleys and villages near the city of Binchuan, in Yunnan. Today, generations later, there are more than thirty varietals that continue to thrive that can be traced back to these early seeds that were planted by Lietard. We have traveled the winding road to the original farm planted by Alfred Lietard. There are trees still growing that are over 100 years old. We have visited other farms in Yunnan and cupped these varietals, and we are thrilled to share with you this very special coffee that we discovered on our expeditions!

Our Story

After four years of living an adventure in Asia and falling in love with its peoples and cultures, founders and coffee-lovers Jon and Sara Hamilton ventured into the world of business and launched Cafe Awake in 2015. Awake was birthed out of an entrepreneurial heart and a desire to bring specialty coffee to their local Himalayan Foothills community. The journey of making Cafe Awake a reality opened their eyes to the truly special nature of high-altitude-cultivated Yunnan coffee. The Awake international team has grown, and we've worked side-by-side with connoisseurs from a dozen nationalities. The undertaking that began in the shadows of the Himalayas has truly become a global venture. With the expansion of each new Cafe Awake location, we strive to keep these renewable relationships at the core of what we do as a company.   We source only single-origin, specialty-grade, and micro-lot coffee. And while it's about more than coffee for us, we sincerely believe this will be the best cup of coffee you've ever had.

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We’re so excited to bring you on the journey to discovering the uncut gem of Yunnan coffee. In addition to the Himalayan foothills varieties, our team has also hand-selected artisan beans from around the globe. With each new variety, your daily cup of coffee is investing into the hearts and lives of people around the globe. The story is just beginning. Endeavor with us to reach the frontiers of the coffee world.
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